A Sports Based Digital Media Platform Using Reward Points to Drive Consumer Behaviour
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Who We Are
We are a sports based digital media platform that uses reward points to drive consumer behaviour. We connect brands directly with fans during and after the broadcast of live professional sporting events at pivotal moments during the game when fans are most engaged.

We drive deep brand awareness with the fans during the live broadcast by asking a "What Happens Next?" style of questions at pivotal moments, and influence targeted conversions by delivering 1:1 connectivity after the game when the fans receive high value post-game offers.

Our proprietary technology gives all brands big and small access to the sports marketing channel who previously may have been excluded from participating because of the prohibitive licensing / sponsorship costs.
What We Do
Our proprietary algorithm, identifies pivotal moments in the live game and sends a "What Happens Next?" style of question to our fans on their second screen. Pivotal moments are purchased by brands giving them the unique opportunity to connect directly with demographically aligned fans in targeted geographic areas during and after the games.

Our high engagement 2-touch digital ad product enables brands to leverage the power of sport and the positive emotional attachment that sports delivers without the need for a license. Fans play by guessing the outcome of the “What Happens NeXT?” style of questions and earn reward points when correct.

We bring highly engaged sport fans directly to brands to drive deep brand awareness that delivers targeted conversions.