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About NeXT Sports Group
NeXT Sports Group Inc. (NeXT) is a sports based digital media platform that uses reward points to drive consumer behaviour. NeXT provides brands of all sizes with the unique opportunity to connect directly with fans (consumers) using our high engagement 2-touch digital ad product during and after the broadcast of live professional sporting events, without the need for a license. The proprietary technology gives all brands big and small access to the sports marketing channel who previously may have been excluded from participating because of the prohibitive licensing / sponsorship costs. NeXT’s primary market is the underserved casual sport fan that represents 80% of the total fan base.

Fans, via the NeXT Rewards app, are challenged to pick the outcome of Pivotal Moments during the broadcast of live sporting events by guessing the outcome of a “What Happens NeXT?” style of question (i.e.: Will the Packers make the 51 yard field goal?). Fans earn reward points sponsored by the brands when correct. A Pivotal Moment is a real-time live event that has an unknown outcome (e.g. a penalty shot, field goal, home run, corner kick).  Fans play the Pivotal Moments to earn points to redeem from the NeXT Rewards catalogue and to bet with friends. NeXT uses points-only sports betting as an engagement tool for fans to accumulate points faster for redemption and to engage in friendly competition without financial risk.

Brands via the NeXT Media portal, underwrite the points by sponsoring (purchase) the in-game Pivotal Moments reaching directly to those fans on their second screen with their brand messaging during the live broadcast. At the end of each game brands send high value Post-Game Offers to all the fans who participated in the Pivotal Moment reaching demographically aligned sports fans in targeted geographic areas. The platform is scalable to all leagues who broadcast sporting events (NHL, MLB, NFL, NBA, etc.).

The platform is powered by a proprietary Data Exchange Decision Engine that monitors millions of bits of real-time sport data from live games and identifies through an algorithm the in-game Pivotal Moments. It does not matter what medium is used to consume live sports. Pivotal Moments are available in all live games that are broadcast in all leagues covered.

Every Pivotal Moment becomes “a game within the game” capitalizing on the casual sport fans euphoria of competing and the thrill of winning in a financially risk-free way. NeXT provides the first rewards program where casual fans exclusively earn points for “doing something” rather than “buying something” and more importantly, for doing what fans naturally do - watch games. NeXT is simple to play, fan-friendly, intuitive and designed to offer instant and ongoing gratification that appeals to all fans.

The IP is localized geographically by Areas that are defined by voting regions identified by postal /zip codes for both the brand and fans when first joining the platform. Each Area is a micro-market allowing the identical Pivotal Moment to be purchased multiple times increasing the digital inventory of available Pivotal Moments exponentially.

NeXT is committed to providing socially responsible technologies that serve regional communities with the vision to enable equitable access and sustainability.