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Earn Reward Points Fast
NeXT Rewards is a sport focused reward program where you earn points for doing what you love most - watching games.
It's the easiest and most rewarding sports fan app available.
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Easy to Play
Our AI driven algorithm sends you easy to play "What Happens NeXT?" style of questions during Pivotal Moments in the game. All you have to do is guess the right outcome and you WIN NeXT Reward Points. The more Pivotal Moments you play, the more points you can win. If you guess wrong, no problem, no penalty, you just don't earn the points. Play more and win the NeXT time!
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Earn Points Fast
We want you to win and earn points fast. Every game you follow has 10 Pivotal Moments in it. Every time you guess right you earn 20 points. That means if you guess every Pivotal Moment correctly, you can earn 200 points per game. At a penny a point that means with NeXT you can earn up to $2 worth of points in each game you follow. Wait, what? I can earn $10 in points in as few as 5 games. I'm in!
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Play from Anywhere
We know that sometimes watching the live games you want, when you want, can be tough. Life’s Busy! Don't worry, we've got your back. Every time there is a Pivotal Moment in a game that you are following we send you a notification full of all of the live game details that you need to make your guess. The best part, you can do that from anywhere. So if you can't watch the game you can still play Pivotal Moments and win points. Let's GO!
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Bet with Friends
It's fun to bet with friends during the game but let's face it, it's not fun to lose your hard earned cash. With NeXT you only bet points so you can experience the thrill of winning without financial risk. Winning a bet is great, it adds more points to your account faster. Losing a bet is not so fun but when you do just go play more Pivotal Moments to earn those points back. It's that easy!
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Reward Yourself
So you play Pivotal Moments, maybe you win some bets with friends and now you have a bunch of points earned and in your account. Now What? It's time to open the catalogue and check out all of the cool things to redeem. There will be gift cards from your fav brands, movie passes, cool signed sports stuff and other awesome rewards that we deliver right to your door or inbox. Time to treat yourself!
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Get Great Offers
This is cool! After the game the brands who sponsored the Pivotal Moments you played will send you free to download, special limited time offers for their products and services. It's up to you if you want to get them but you should check them out on the Post-Game Offers page in the app because they are pretty great and they cost you zero. Everyone loves a great deal!
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Play when you want
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Have some fun
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Bet with friends
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Earn some points
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Treat yourself
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Get great offers
How it Works

Select Games to Follow

Each day you want to play NeXT open the app, click the "select games" button on the home page and choose the games you want to follow. It's that easy!  Then just before your games start we'll send you a notification to get you ready to start earning points.

Pro Tip: Follow games everyday to maximize your fun and win points

Guess “What Happens NeXT?”

During the game when Pivotal Moments happen we'll send you a "What Happens NeXT?" type of question for you to guess the outcome of. Guess right and you earn NeXT Rewards points. Don't worry, there is no penalty for getting it wrong, we just wish you better luck NeXT time!

Pro Tip: Read the "Game Situation" info to help you make your guess and win


Get Exclusive Offers

After the game some of the brands who sponsored the Pivotal Moments you played will send you special limited time offers. All you need to do is play the Pivotal Moments and let the offers roll in!  There's no cost, all you do is choose the offers you want and we'll send you the coupon.

Pro Tip: Check the offer page everyday to download your exclusive offers for discounts on great stuff

NeXT Rewards in Action

Check out how easy it is to Play & Earn.

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It's the easiest and most rewarding sports fan app available!